Lighting Like a Pro: How To Make Your Large Space Feel Like Home


28 Jul Lighting Like a Pro: How To Make Your Large Space Feel Like Home

Many homeowners and renters often forget the difficulties that come with a large space because of the initial benefits they provide. There’s plenty of room for storage, plenty of room for decor, and plenty of room for Fido.
But there lies the rub: there’s plenty of room. Large spaces can often feel too open, which in turn might make homeowners uncomfortable rather than free in their new space. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can utilize your large living space to give it comfort and to make it a home.

  1. Plants
    Plants are great for small spaces because they help keep the air clean, but for large spaces they do all that and more. By getting tall, potted plants or trees and placing them by windows or in corners you can fill in the empty spaces of your home with natural color.

  3. Choose an L-shaped couch
    If your space is open-concept, it may feel like a large, empty room when there are no dividers. By using an L-shaped couch, you create an immediate divider for the living space and cozy up the place.

  5. Use two-tone paint on walls
    In small spaces, we often want white walls so we can make the room look bigger. However, if the high-ceilings in your space are making you feel small you can paint your walls with two different colors to give the illusion of a smaller area.
    For a more subtle, traditional look try painting the bottom half of the wall a neutral color such as gray. Or for a bolder look, go for a more vibrant color such as coral.

  7. Lighting
    Because your living space is large, you’ll need to be efficient about your lighting. Instead of using halogen or incandescent light bulbs, stick to fluorescent bulbs, which are five times more energy efficient.
    Use modern recessed lighting strategically across the ceiling with one light every couple of feet rather than right beside each other. The surface of the walls should reflect the light into the room when lighting is placed above them.
    Additionally, while floor lamps may not be as appreciated in small spaces where they take up room, a large space is the place for task lighting. Use accent lamps such as Bowery lighting, Dimond lighting, Leucos lighting, or Holtkotter lighting depending on your style (modern, traditional, or a little in between) to spice up the appearance of your interior design while keeping them specific to a designated area.
    For instance, Estiluz lighting works perfectly for reading nooks and desk areas. The overhanging properties of many Estiluz lamps makes them perfect for corners, by windows, or as a dinner light above the table or island. By using task lighting such as Estiluz lighting, you can keep specific lights off and save energy until you need to use them.

Designing a large space for comfort can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Fill your space with plants, large comfortable furniture, and utilize task lighting to your advantage and your large ceilings and floors will soon begin to feel like home.

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