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Outdoor Bulkheads

Outdoor Bulkheads

Using bulkhead lighting as a security feature helps steer away intruders. The cages on the outside of the bulkheads makes it very hard for them to be broken. Outdoor bulkheads are weatherproof, waterproof, and sturdy. They are stylish enough to fit in with any other outdoor lighting that you may have. Bulkheads are prefect for garage and basement lighting needs as well. With several dozen design options available, you can find the perfect outdoor bulkhead for your home. Bulkheads can be used instead of a flush mounted outdoor ceiling light. Outdoor bulkheads are a more affordable option for overhead lighting in your entryways and outdoor entertaining space. A creative option for an industrial style kitchen is to use the outdoor bulkheads inside your kitchen on an island or in lieu of expensive track lighting.

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